About Us

Fort William Artist Management was forged in 2011 by the partnership of Ami Spishock (formerly of Zeitgeist Artist Management) with Ben Swanson, Chris Swanson, and Darius Van Arman (co-founders of Secretly Group, which includes labels Dead Oceans, Jagjaguwar, The Numero Group and Secretly Canadian).

The company has since evolved through the collaborative efforts of Spishock, Aja Pecknold, Carolyne Klein, and Alex Dziura — four women from all walks of the music industry, unified by a shared point of view, working collectively with artists in a bespoke way to manifest, support, and protect their creative visions.  

Fort William is a haven for the creative and fearless. Artists are encouraged to grow and dream, the structure of Fort William existing as their professional backbone. The original seal of the town of Fort William, Ontario, reads: “A Posse Ad Esse-” from a possibility to an actuality.